Helps Ministry

We believe the Ministry of Helps to be a vital and core ministry to the New Testament Church. The Ministry of Helps in the New Testament Church does not refer to as a servant position for example someone that’s delegated as eg: “someone that will clean the church - a cleaner ”, or “baby sit the children – baby sitter” , we find this approach to be unscriptural and not recognising this Gift of Ministry to the Body of Christ as it was intended to operate in the New Testament Church. We believe this to be an anointed position in which a person with such ministry gift stands alongside Apostles and Prophets and serves in a very personal way. The Helpers have authority over the administrations as they know how to personally serve the needs of the Apostles & Prophets. The helpers can function and serve in different capacities and are not restricted in supporting any Ministries both spiritually and practically.

Some of the areas that Helpers will be involved practically:

Some of the areas that Helpers will be involved spiritually: